Santa Barbara Toilet Repair

santa barbara clogged toilet repairs ken palmer plumbing

Clogged toilets don't leave a pleasant sight or smell in your home or office. Ken Palmer Plumbing Santa Barbara has the know-how and tools to tackle your worst problems. Give us a call at (805) 312-7288 to get clogged toilet repair. 


It is imperative to keep your Santa Barbara toilets maintained to ensure that they are working properly. When not taken care of, the toilet can malfunction and result in purchasing a new toilet instead of just addressing the problem earlier. 


Problems that can go wrong with your toilet include the toilet tank, the flange, wax ring and the bolts. These problems can lead to leaks around your toilet which can in turn affect the surrounding areas of your bathroom including the floor and walls.


Ken has the expertise to repair any toilet issue that you might encounter. Ken makes sure that each time your toilet is flushed, the waste makes it from the toilet's plumbing system to the sewer line with no leaks. 


If your toilet is not able to be fixed, then Ken can recommend you a water-saving toilet that will solve all of your toilet problems. Ken knows this a bigger cost so he will do his best to repair your existing toilet. 


If you have a clogged toilet in your Santa Barbara home, then get it taken care of immediately before it turns into more problems. Give Ken Palmer Plumbing a call today at (805) 312-7288.