Santa Barbara Garbage Disposal Installation

Santa Barbara Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

Ken Palmer Plumbing has repaired and replaced many garbage disposals in Santa Barbara County over the past 27 years. Call Ken at (805) 312-7288 for an easy garbage disposal repair and replacement. 


Santa Barbara garbage disposals are all kitchen goers best buddy. They shred up your leftovers by the simple flip of a switch. They save you the time of sweeping that food off your plate into the trash can in a seemingly awkward position. They are kitchen comfort. 


Items to keep out of your garbage disposal:

1. Pasta, rice, and flour since they bind together and clog up your pipes. 

2. Vegetable peels and tea leaves wind up stuck in the P-trap or somewhere deeper down your pipes.

3. Hot grease will enter your pipes and cool down to form into a ball which will create a blockage. This will interfere with the smooth flow of drain water through your pipes. 

4. Coffee grinds will wear down your garbage disposals blades. 


When your garbage disposal acts up, it could just need some quick maintenance or it might need to be replaced. New garbage disposals can be pricey, but Ken will do his best to get your existing machine running again. 


If you need your garbage disposal repaired or replaced in the Santa Barbara Area, then give Ken a call at (805) 312-7288.