Santa Barbara Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection

Santa Barbara Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection

Gas leaks don't always need to have an odor of gas and can be completely silent. Therefore, gas leaks can be very dangerous to the safety of your home and its inhabitants. Call Ken Palmer Plumbing at (805) 312-7288 for a leak-free and safe home. 


Are you suspecting a leaky Santa Barbara gas line? Then first call our leak detection partners. Ken Palmer Plumbing is an honest plumbing service that specializes in gas line repairs and gas line installation. Ken knows how to keep your home leak-free. 


If you are doing a Montecito home remodel, Ken can install gas lines wherever you might need them. For example, Ken can install gas hookups for fireplaces, gas stoves, BBQ's and saunas. 


Ken Palmer Plumbing has 27 years of experience in serving its residential and commercial customers in Santa Barbara County. Within the county, Ken Palmer Plumbing serves the cities of Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta, and the Santa Ynez Valley. Ken Palmer Plumbing also services clients in Ventura. 


Ken will be happy to give you customer referrals on any job.


Call Ken Palmer Plumbing today at (805) 312-7288 for your new gas line or to repair your leaky gas line.