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Want To Become A Plumber?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Thinking about embarking on a new career as a plumber? If you are a people person, not afraid of getting dirty and like the dynamic of working outside in different locations, then plumbing might just be the right career for you.

Good Income

If you are looking for a steady income, then you can find this in the plumbing trade. Everyone always needs a plumber and when they need one, they need the plumber now! Being available 24/7 will give you work around the clock and provide a nice six figure income.

High Demand

Since many older plumbers are reaching retirement, there is a shortage of millennials that want to take on the plumbing trade, since they prefer clean office work. Development is always on the rise, therefore plumbers are always in demand. Also keep in mind that a plumbing apprenticeship program for 4 years will pay you $50,000 instead of putting this money towards a college degree and graduating with debt and no concrete career placement.


The plumbing trade is a dynamic work environment, so you don't have to worry about getting bored. There are always new problems to be solved on different job sites. For example, in the morning you can be reviewing blueprints with a general contractor, in the afternoon you can be clearing a sewer line at a residential property, and in the evening you can find yourself replacing a water heater and in turn becoming someones' "hero" for providing them with a hot shower!

Work Anywhere

As a licensed plumber in California, you can work in any small town or big city within the state's borders. As long as there are people living there, you can make that location your new office!

In conclusion, being a plumber is a respected trade. You are responsible for the flow and supply of safe water and gas to your customers. Your customers appreciate your work and you sort of become their "hero" in emergency situations, like getting their hot water flowing again. And also don't forget that plumbing keeps your body in shape. See you at the pipes.

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