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3 DIY Plumbing Tips For Every Homeowner

Updated: May 28, 2020

Owning a home comes with responsibility, therefore it is very important to be knowledgeable in the trades in order to maintain the functionality of your home in a cost-efficient manner.

1. Shut Off Valves

Knowing where to shut off the water in your home is imperative when it comes to stopping a leak or repairing a plumbing fixture. If you need to shut the water off to the whole house, then locate the main water shutoff valve which can be found at the water meter on the sidewalk right in front of your house with a concrete cover. Take off the cover and turn the valve that is closest to your house 90 degrees with an adjustable wrench. If you are just repairing a plumbing fixture in the house such as a toilet or faucet, then locate the shutoff valve which you can find on the wall just above the ground below the toilet or under the sink.

2. How to turn off a water heater

You will save money and time if you know how to turn the water supply off to your water heater, especially if there is a leak or you are leaving for vacation, First turn off the gas or electricity that powers the water heater. Find the cold supply water line going into the water heater and shut it off by turning the valve across the line.

3. How to fix a running toilet

The blue flapper (middle of tank sitting at bottom) creates a seal that stops water from dripping into the toilet bowl once the tank has filled its set limit. If your toilet is constantly running this means that the flapper has worn out and is no longer creating a sufficient seal. You will need to replace the flapper by simply unhooking it from the seat. Turn off the shut off valve just below the toilet before doing this. This is a simple fix that will only cost you $20 maximum.

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