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Insider: Plumber Secrets

Updated: May 25, 2020

Take a look at the insider life of a plumber.

Follow these easy prevention techniques to keep us away from your home.

1. If you are looking for some consultation, then call your local plumbing supply store, don't call a plumber.

2. Monday is the busiest day of the week because this is when the wives call to fix the "job" their husbands did over the weekend.

3. Debunk washing machine? A top homeowner insurance claim.

4. Be familiar with where the main shut off valve to the house is.

5. Soap and hair mixed together can cause clogs so purchase a drain strainer.

6. Don't trust the marketing term "flushable" baby wipes.

7. "I'm a plumber, not a babysitter, mover or automotive mechanic. Don't ask."

8. The toilet handle is an easy fix. It will cost you $4 to replace.

9. Keep that Allen Wrench handy that came with your garbage disposal. Keep it under the sink and follow instruction manual to clear a jam.

10. Do not hang clothes on pipes with a metal hanger. This will cause corrosion and lead to pipe breakage.

11. Oh yeah, we know we are good lucking, so don't hit on us, it won't change the price.

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