Santa Barbara Home Repipe

Santa Barbara Repiping

Ken Palmer Plumbing will provide you with a budget-minded quote when thinking about repiping your Santa Barbara home or building. Call Ken today at (805) 312-7288. 


25 years ago, homes and buildings were plumbed with galvanized pipes. Today, if your pipes are still galvanized, then they must be replaced due to rust and the original zinc lining of the galvanized pipes no longer in play. 


Its time to repipe if...

1. You notice a significant drop in water pressure

2. Santa Barbara Washing machines take much longer to fill

3. Montecito Garden hoses have weak water pressure

4. Your shower's water pressure trickles instead of exerting a fluid stream

5. Brown tinted water shoots out from your faucets due to rusted pipes

6. You notice pipe leaks often 


Copper vs. PEX (crosslinked polyethylene)

Advantages of Copper include a 50 year limited warranty, durability, exposure to sunlight, bumps up the resale value of your home or building, and is comfortable being buried in the soil.


Disadvantages of Copper are that it is corrosive, expensive and if not strapped into the walls can be very noisy.


Advantages of PEX include a 25 year limited warranty, non corrosive, flexible, less noise once installed in the walls, cheaper and faster installation because of fewer connections and fittings needed, resistance to chlorine and scale, retains temperature better than copper piping does.   


Disadvantages of PEX are no exposure to sunlight and no submersion in the soil.


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