Santa Barbara Sump Pump Repairs & Replacements

Santa Barbara Sump Pump

Damaged or backed-up sump pump? Call Ken at (805) 312-7288 to get your water level back where it's supposed to be. 


Sump pumps are placed in a pit at the lowest point of the basement and direct water away from the foundation of the home or building. The pump is operated by electricity and works in the event of a flood. 


If you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall, it is recommended to have a Santa Barbara sump pump installed. During a heavy rainstorm or flood, without a sump pump, water will enter your basement and threaten your household items. Also, water build up leads to mold and fungus growth which is known to threaten the health of persons residing in the home. 


Ken Palmer Plumbing has 27 years of experience installing and replacing sump pumps in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. If you would like to consult with Ken on whether you need a Montecito sump pump installed in your home or business then give us a call at (805) 312-7288. 


If you have a damaged or backed-up sump pump or simply want to install a sump pump in your home or business then give Ken a call at (805) 312-7288.