Santa Barbara Water Filtration Systems Installation & Repair

Santa Barbara Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Santa Barbara County is known for its hard water, especially in a drought when our water table is getting lower. This hard water can damage your pipes. If you have noticed hard scale build up in your toilet, shower and bathtub then call Ken at (805) 312-7288 for a consultation. Ken will bring you and your family a smoother way of living with soft water. 


Having a Santa Barbara water filtration system in your home or business can protect the health of its' inhabitants since unfiltered water may contain microorganisms and contaminants. Water filtration systems installed in the home or business also contribute to the quality of air you breathe while inside since contaminants that usually come out of the faucets won't be evaporating indoors. 


Water filtration systems will benefit everything in your Montecito home from bathing, dish washing, indoor air quality, and laundry. Existing skin allergies due to contact with hard water should also ease. 


For 27 years Ken Palmer Plumbing has been installing and repairing Santa Barbara water filtration systems in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Ken has made his customers loyal clientele by treating them like his own family. Ken will be happy to provide you with customer referrals. Thank you for thinking of Ken Palmer Plumbing for your Santa Barbara and Ventura plumbing needs. 


Call Ken today at (805) 312-7288 to get your new water filtration system for your home or business or to get your existing water filtration system repaired.