Santa Barbara Water Softener Installation

Santa Barbara Water Softener Installation & Repairs

Want to keep your pipes safe from hard water? Call Ken Palmer Plumbing, your Santa Barbara Water Softener repair and installation specialists at (805) 312-7288. 


Keep your costs down by installing a Santa Barbara water softener in your house or building. Having a water softener protects our pipes from calcium and magnesium build up. Hard water can also affect our skin with the minerals it contains when we shower or bathe. 


Magnesium and calcium which are found in hard water can result in water spots on glassware, dull looking laundry, and lime scale and rust growing around showers, sinks and faucets. 


Ken works with all types of water softeners and can recommend the right one for your house or building to keep your water economical and safe. 


Call Ken Palmer Plumbing at (805) 312-7288 to consult with Ken on which water softener is best for your house.